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What ingredients are used in Mocha Henna pastes?
Mocha Henna uses a high quality organic henna powder, pure aromatherapy grade essential oils, lemon juice, and sugar.
Does your henna give dark stains?
If the proper pre and aftercare measures are adhered to, a dark stain ranging from cherry red to mocha brown, can be achieved. Henna will stain the darkest on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet due to the nature of the skin. Other areas of the body will stain with less intensity.
How long will my henna last?
Henna stains generally last from 1-3 weeks.
How can I speed the rate of exfoliation of my henna?
Using an exfoliating scrub or soap with a pumice stone will accelerate the fading process of the henna stain.
How many hands are done per hour?
Approximately 8-10 standard designs per side of a hand can be completed within one hour. A standard sample design may consist of a diagonal pattern across the hand.
How long does it take to complete a Bridal Henna Design?
Depending on the complexity of the design, the duration can range from 3-6 hours.
Is black henna offered at Mocha Henna?
Mocha Henna does NOT use black henna and strictly adheres to chemical free, and natural henna only.
Are any preparations required prior to the henna application?
Sufficient lighting and a table with two chairs are required.
What kind of setup is required for my Bridal Henna appointment?
A comfortable chair is suggested for the bride and a separate table and chair is required for the henna artist with sufficient lighting. It is preferred to apply the henna in a peaceful and undisturbed environment in order to attain flawless designs. A complete guide on How to Prepare for my Bridal Henna Appointment will be reviewed during Mocha Henna’s Bridal Consultation.
What is the Deposit?
A deposit is paid at the time of booking and is deducted from the final payment of the services to be provided. It confirms the date of appointment and guarantees the availability of a Mocha Henna artist for your booking.
What is the Travel Fee?
Based on the requirements and convenience of some clients, Mocha Henna will travel to an agreed upon location to facilitate application. There will be a nominal fee for travelling. This fee is calculated based on distance. If the client wishes to be served at the Mocha Henna studio, no travel fee will be charged.
Are there any hidden or additional charges?
All services provided and associated costs will be clearly communicated prior to any service rendered to avoid any
surprises or misunderstandings. Mocha Henna respects and values the business of each client and, as a result, customer satisfaction has been a core component of its success.
I have more questions!
If your question has not been addressed or if you require further information regarding any matter, please contact us.
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