4 PACK OF 100% Natural Henna Cones
4 PACK OF 100% Natural Henna Cones

4 PACK OF 100% Natural Henna Cones

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Create your own masterpiece henna designs with 100% natural and dark staining henna cones! You'll be able to create super fine details and drape long and neat lines with our luscious paste. Great for beginners or advanced artists. The best part about using high quality henna cones is knowing that it's 100% natural and hand made!  

Weight:  Approximately 20 grams (each cone) 

Length:  Approximately 6-7 inches long

Size of pin:  0.55 mm


  • Natural henna cones are ONLY available in Canada. Why? International shipping is unpredictable and can take much longer to deliver. Since our fresh henna cones are 100% natural and contain no preservatives, chances are they will expire by the time they are delivered. The consistency of the paste will be difficult to work with and will give unsatisfactory stains. We are absolutely not interested in selling a henna product that we do not believe to be fresh!  
  • Orders for henna cones are shipped on Mondays & Tuesdays only. Please order by Sunday 9 PM EST to ensure you get your henna cones in time.
  • We strongly recommend choosing Xpresspost or Priority mail options to receive the freshest henna cones. 
  • Please FREEZE your henna cones as soon as they are delivered to you.
  • If you live in a condominium/Apt OR have a community mailbox, please track your order so you know when to expect your delivery and can freeze the henna cones asap.
  • We are not responsible for henna cone orders that are not picked up from your mailbox.
  • All sales are final due to the sensitive and perishable nature of fresh henna paste. If there is a problem with you purchase, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt.